selenium webdriver manager

npm install wdm
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How to use


$ npm install wdm -g

Then check

$ wdm

Usage: wdm <command>
  update: install or update selected binaries
  start: start up the selenium server
  status: list the current available drivers

  --out_dir       Location to output/expect                         [default: "/Users/yourname/wd-manager/selenium"]
  --seleniumPort  Optional port for the selenium standalone server
  --standalone    install or update selenium standalone             [default: true]
  --chrome        install or update chromedriver                    [default: true]
  --ie            install or update IEDriver                        [default: false]

Please specify one command

Use selenium default arguments

Only being used in start command

$ wdm start -- -role node -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register
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