Convert media urls and links to embedded HTML

npm install webremix
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What it is

Converts your media urls and links to embedded HTML.


npm install webremix

How to Use

var remix = require('webremix');

remix.generate('http://amazinggifs.com/cats.gif look at these amazing cats!', function(err, resp) {

Output becomes:

<div class="image-wrapper">
    <a href="http://amazinggifs.com/cats.gif" target="_blank">
        <img src="http://amazinggifs.com/cats.gif">
</div> look at these amazing cats!

Video size options

If you want to pass in a different width and height for Youtube/Vimeo/Rdio, pass in the following:

var options = {
    width: 500,
    height: 200

remix.generate('https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYc6ZiV07ZE', options, function(err, resp) {

Supported media

  • Regular links (http://whatever.org or whatever.org)
  • Links with image extensions of jpg|gif|png|jpeg
  • Instagram urls
  • Youtube urls
  • Vimeo urls
  • Soundcloud urls (will fall back to a regular link if the author has sharing disabled)
  • Rdio urls


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