The Haskellish LISP dialect.

npm install whip
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Haskellish LISP dialect.


You'll need to install node first.

$ npm install whip -g

If you want to get the most up-to-date build, then clone this directory and build from source.

$ git clone https://github.com/L8D/whip.git
# ...
$ cd whip
$ cake build
$ sudo npm install -g


Running the whip command with no arguments will start the REPL interpreter. Otherwise use whip <filename> on .whp files to execute them.

$ whip -h
Usage: whip [option] [filename]

  -p  print parsed code and exit
  -v  print version and exit
  -h  print this help and exit
$ whip
> (print "Hello, world!")
Hello, world!
=> "Hello, world!"


Official documentation at https://L8D.github.io/whip with source files.

For a whirlwind tour, see this great learnXinYminutes.com post.

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