WHMCS API node implementation

npm install whmcs
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WHMCS node module

WHMCS's API implementation in Node.js

npm install whmcs


First create a api client.

var config = {
  username: 'api_username',
  apiKey: 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz',
  serverUrl: ''

var whmcs_client = whmcs.createClient(config);

Using the previus created api client, call the methods you need.

whmcs_client.billing.getInvoice(invoiceid, function(err, invoice) {

whmcs_client.billing.payInvoice(invoiceid, function(err, data) {

whmcs_client.customers.validateLogin(email, password, function(err, data) {

whmcs_client.customers.getTickets(clientid, status, function(err, tickets) {

whmcs_client.customers.getCustomerEmails(clientid, function(err, emails) {


Implemented methods


  • updateInvoice: function (invoiceid, options, callback)
  • addOrder: function (clientid, order, callback)
  • addCredit: function (clientid, amount, description, callback)
  • payInvoice: function (invoiceid, callback)
  • getInvoice: function (invoiceid, callback)
  • cancelOrder: function (orderid, callback)


  • getContacts: function (clientid, callback)
  • createCustomer: function (ocustomer, callback)
  • updateCustomer: function (clientid, options, callback)
  • updateCustomerDomain: function (domainid, options, callback)
  • getCustomer: function (clientid, callback)
  • getCustomerProducts: function (clientid, productid, callback)
  • getCustomerDomains: function (clientid, domainid, callback)
  • getCustomerEmails: function (clientid, callback)
  • getCustomerInvoices: function (clientid, callback)
  • getTickets: function (clientid, status, callback)
  • validateLogin: function (email, password, callback)


  • getProduct: function (id, callback)
  • getProducts: function (gid, callback)


  • openTicket: function (clientid, department, subject, message, callback)
  • getTicket: function (ticketid, callback)
  • replyTicket: function (clientid, ticketid, message, callback)


  • getDomainLockStatus: function (domainid, callback)
  • setDomainLockStatus: function (domainid, status, callback)
  • getDomainNameservers: function (domainid, callback)
  • setDomainNameservers: function (domainid, nameservers, callback)
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