Pipes events from request.js to a TaggedLogger

npm install winston-tagged-request-logger
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Connects request.js to a tagged-logger.


npm install winston-tagged-request-logger


This will create a new winston logger and a new tagged-logger, and use a tagged-console-target to write the output to the console in all the colours of the rainbow.

// create our winston logger
var winston = require('winston');
var winstonLogger = new winston.Logger();

// create a transport so our logs have somewhere to go
var TaggedConsoleTarget = require('tagged-console-target');
winston.add(new TaggedConsoleTarget());

// make a new tagged logger to generate tagged log messages
var TaggedLogger = require('tagged-logger');
var logger = new TaggedLogger(winstonLogger, ['my amazing server']);

// require requestjs and wrap it in winston-tagged-request-logger
var request = require('winston-tagged-request-logger')(require('request'), logger);

// All done! any requests created with `request` will be logged!
request('', function(err, res, body) {
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