WindowPad functionality for Linux

npm install wmctrl-pad
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WindowPad functionality for Linux.

The initial intent was to write this in bash. However, due to conflicts, it was decided to write this in node.js. The end goal is to rewrite the project in bash.

This also is the same reason for the poor structuring (technically bin should be talking to a class which moves windows).

Getting Started

Verify Linux dependencies are installed:

  • xrandr - Used to determine current displays and their sizings
  • wmctrl - Used to control window position and sizing
  • xprop - Used to determine id of active window
  • xwininfo - Used to determine current size and position of active window

Install the module globally via npm and test it out:

# Install controlpad
npm install -g controlpad

# Resize active window to rightmost display to the top half
controlpad rightmost top-half


controlpad presents a large set of semantic configurations for resizing/relocating the active window.

controlpad - WindowPad functionality for Linux
Usage: controlpad {{display}} {{size}}
    display - Display to move window to
        - leftmost, rightmost, topmost, bottommost - Absolute displays
        - current - Keep window on same display
    size - Size to adjust window to
        - left-half, right-half, top-half, bottom-half - Half displays
        - top-left-quarter, top-right-quarter, bottom-left-quarter, bottom-right-quarter - Quarter displays
        - top-left-eighth, top-right-eighth, bottom-left-eighth, bottom-right-eighth - Eighth displays
        - full - Take up entire screen (not maximized)
        - center - Center window in display (sized to half-by-half)


# Resize active window to center of screen
controlpad current center

# Move window to rightmost display
controlpad rightmost center

# Move window to left half of current display
controlpad current left-half


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style.


Copyright (c) 2013 Todd Wolfson

Licensed under the MIT license.

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