Virtual Environments for Node on windows

npm install wnave
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like nave but for windows (powershell) with a partial feature set


  1. download the wnave.ps1
  2. open a powershell
  3. run wnave.ps1


  install <version>       Install node the version passed (ex: 0.6.0)
  uninstall <version>     Delete the install for <version>
  use <version>           enter a subshell where <version> is being used
  ls                      list local installed versions
  ls-remote               remote available versions

  npm-install <version>   Install npm the version passed (ex 1.1.60)
  npm-ls                  list remote available npm versions

<version> can be the string "latest" to get the latest distribution.
<version> can be the string "stable" to get the latest stable version.
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