Run wolfram alpha queries from the command line.

npm install wolf
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$ npm install -g wolf


$ wolf 100mi to ft

Input interpretation
   convert 100 miles to feet
   528001 feet
Additional conversions
   86.9 nmi  (nautical miles)
   160.9 km  (kilometers)
   160935 meters
   1.609×10^7 cm  (centimeters)
Comparison as distance
   ~~ 1.4 × distance corresponding to one degree of latitude on the earth's equator ( 0.002778 equatorial circumferences of Earth )
Electromagnetic frequency range
   VF/ULF  (voice frequency)
Frequency allocation for United States (ITU region 2)
   primary use | not allocated
Corresponding quantities
   Light travel time t in vacuum from t = x/c:
   | 537 µs  (microseconds)
   Light travel time t in an optical fiber t = 1.48x/c:
   | 794 µs  (microseconds)
   Frequency nu of a photon in a vacuum from nu = c/lambda:
   | 1.9 kHz  (kilohertz)
   Frequency nu of sound at STP from nu = v/lambda:
   | 0.0021 Hz  (hertz)
   | (assuming speed of sound in dry air at 15 °C and 1 atmosphere pressure ~~ 340.3 m/s)
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