sendmail drop-in replacement for WordPress - Only send e-mails to addresses that can be found from WordPress users table

npm install wp-sendmail
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Sendmail drop in replacement for WordPress.

By default a WordPress blog should be able to send e-mails only to registered users and to the admin and not to arbitrary e-mail addresses.

WordPress uses the default mail command for PHP which sends e-mails to the sendmail command. This projects emulates sendmail but checks all recipients before sending the message to a selected SMTP server. If a recipient can not be found from the users table, the message is not delivered.

This does not work in Windows.


sudo npm install --unsafe-perm -g wp-sendmail

Step 1

Edit your php.ini and set sendmail_path to /bin/env wp-sendmail

Step 2

Run the checker server


Config file resides in /etc/wp-sendmail.js (this is why you need to run npm install as root)

Config file should be readable only to the user that is used for running the server or for root, if uid/gid values are used to downgrade the server.

Additionally you should block all outgoing traffic for port 25.



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