Scaffolding for webpack wep apps.

npm install wpt
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Scaffolding for webpack wep apps.


  • Create web apps by scaffolding.
  • Update scaffolded web app if the template updates.
  • Include development server for just-in-time compiling (just edit the source and update your browser).
  • Includes all webpack features: Just require any resource (css, less, coffee, png).
  • Also supports a node.js Server. It is enhanced with enhanced-require, so you can use webpack features in node.
  • Supports hot code replacement on server side.
  • Install webpack-template-modules, which add some stuff to the template
    • i. e. jQuery, bootstrap, etc.
> npm install wpt -g

> wpt create
appName: my-test-app
author: Your Name

> cd my-test-app

> npm install

> wpt install webpack/jquery-wpt-module
Installing jquery wpt-module...

> wpt enable nodeServer

> dev-server

> publish

> server
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