Query the wunderground.com API using Node.js

npm install wunderground-api-client
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wunderground-api-client - a Wunderground weather API Node.js module using Q Promises.

Access the Wunderground API with Nodejs.


API queries return a Promise via Q. The cli depends on optimist.


To install via NPM type the following: npm install wunderground-api-client

(use npm install -g wunderground-api-client to add a bin script to your path)

You can also install via git by cloning:

git clone https://github.com/lukewendling/wunderground-api-client.git /path/to/project


var WunderApi = require('./').WunderApi;

var combined = new WunderApi(APIKEY, null, 'geolookup', 'forecast');

  .then(function (result) {console.log(result)})
  .fail(function (err) {console.dir(err)})
wunder-api APIKEY TX/Austin --features forecast,geolookup
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