Node.js async xattr library

npm install xattr-async
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Async library for getting and setting extended attributes on files.


$ npm install xattr-async


xattr.list(path, callback(err, listOfAttrs))

List of attributes (names).

xattr.get(path, name, callback(err, attr))

Get attribute.

xattr.set(path, name, value, callback(err))

Set attribute.

xattr.remove(path, name, callback(err))

Remove attribute.

xattr.llist(path, callback(err, listOfAttrs))

Like list, except it doesn't follow symlinks.

xattr.lget(path, name, callback(err, attr))

Like get, except it doesn't follow symlinks.

xattr.lset(path, name, value, callback(err))

Like set, except it doesn't follow symlinks.

xattr.lremove(path, name, callback(err))

Like remove, except it doesn't follow symlinks.

Running tests

$ npm test


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