simple pure js library for generating random 64 bit numbers with XOR support

npm install xor64
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A simple package to xor 64 bit integers (byte buffers)


npm install xor64


I needed this module to create random 64 bit numbers and xor them to implement an acker system similar to what storm does.


This is not used in production yet, and may exhibit some issues. If you find any report them please.


See the test.js which shows many examples. Most important use case for tracking is:

var xor64 = require('xor64');

// this will be true once all messages have been ack'ed
var hasHandledAllMessages;

var originalMessageId = xor64.createRandom();
var trackingId = xor64.clone(originalMessageId); // of course in a real progam one could use the originalMessageId without cloning


// start tracking dependentMessageIdA   
dependentMessageIdA = xor64.createRandom();
xor64.applyXor(trackingId, dependentMessageIdA);

// start tracking dependentMessageIdB
dependentMessageIdB = xor64.createRandom();
xor64.applyXor(trackingId, dependentMessageIdA);

// finished with originalMessageId    
hasHandledAllMessages = xor64.applyXor(trackingId, originalMessageId);

// finished with dependentMessageIdA    
hasHandledAllMessages = xor64.applyXor(trackingId, dependentMessageIdA);

// finished with dependentMessageIdB
hasHandledAllMessages = xor64.applyXor(trackingId, dependentMessageIdB);

require('assert').assert( hasHandledAllMessages === true );
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