Pure Javascript YAML parser, ported from PyYAML

npm install yaml-js
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yaml-js is currently a YAML loader, and eventually a YAML dumper, ported pretty much line-for-line from PyYAML. The goal is to create a reliable and specification-complete YAML processor in pure Javascript. You can try it out here.

Current Status

Currently loading works well, and passes the yaml-spec test suite.

If you use the library and find any bugs, don't hesitate to create an issue.

How Do I Get It?

npm install yaml-js

How Do I Use It?

In node (CoffeeScript):

yaml = require 'yaml-js'
console.log yaml.load '''
    - hello
    - &world world
    - goodbye
    - *world
  phrase3: >
    What is up
    in this place.
# { phrase1: [ 'hello', 'world' ],
#   phrase2: [ 'goodbye', 'world' ],
#   phrase3: 'What is up in this place.' }

In the browser:

<script src='yaml.min.js'></script>
  console.log(yaml.load('hello: world'));
  // { 'hello' : 'world' }



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