A minimal wrapper around request.js to facilitate fetching data from the Zabbix API.

npm install zabbix
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A small client for the Zabbix API based around the excellent request.js library.

I hacked this together quick because I needed a way to pull data from Zabbix into node for a project.

How to use

As per the Zabbix API you MUST get the api version first, and then authenticate to do pretty much anything.

Look in the examples folder for how it's done :)

I can't promise I won't change how this works with regards to how the module is structured, but it will stay pretty much the same :)


Please let me know if I have done something in a stupid way, or you have suggestions or whatnot.

I am on IRC (Freenode) with the same nick as here, or just contact me here.

This is my first node.js module, and basically the first thing I've done in javascript too, so I bet there are mistakes and things to learn.

I will be adding more features and useful things as I go along, as well as make a full test suite with Mocha, I just need to learn it first.

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