zmq+http to s3 upload

npm install zero-s3
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receive upload messages via zmq push/pull


// .zero-s3rc:
    // knox or faulty
    "clientType": "knox",

    // list of message senders to connect to (pull side of zmq push/pull socket)
    "fileLoggers": [

    // how many times to try an upload before giving up
    "uploadAttempts": 5
// .s3shieldrc:

    // aws config
    "aws": {
        "region": "us-standard",
        "accessKeyId": "your access key",
        "secretAccessKey": "your secret"

    // see lru-cache for all the options
    // used by knox client provider to catch a client per bucket
    "lru": {
        "max": 100,
        "maxAge": 360000

    // if enabled will gzip a message or a file to local file before uploading

    "gzip": {
        "enabled": false,

        // see
        "options": undefined,

        // if enabled the unzipped file will be deleted after upload (but not the zipped one)
        // this only applies to file messages
        "deleteFileAfterUpload": false

    // in put() functions where a string or an object is provided (and not a buffer) this enconding
    // will be used when turning the data into a buffer
    "uploadEncoding": "utf8",

    // "faulty s3 client is used for testing"
    "faulty": {

        // how many time should I fail
        "failures": 3

see RC module for further details

Message format

        "bucket": "name of the bucket",
        "key": "path in the bucket",
        "data": "some data to write",
        "url": "instead of embedding the data in the message, zero-s3 will issue an http request to get this data and upload to s3 - not implemented fully yet"
        "path": "instead of embedding the data in the message, zero-s3 will upload a local file to s3"

if both url and data exist in the message, there is no guarentee which will take effect

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