mkdir -p for ZooKeeper, using the `zookeeper` node module

npm install zk-mkdirp
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mkdir -p for the node-zookeeper C bindings.

Some thoughts on the current api: https://gist.github.com/2346472

Please comment on the gist with your thoughts, thanks.


var zookeeperConnection = new ZooKeeper({
    connect: options.zookeeper,
    timeout: options.timeout || 1000,
    debug_level: zkLogLevel,
    host_order_deterministic: false

var mkdirp = require('zk-mkdirp');

// ZK does not support ./file or /dir/../file
mkdirp(zookeeperConnection, '/a/deep/path/to/a/file', cb);

Other useful node & zookeeper projects

node bindings: https://github.com/yfinkelstein/node-zookeeper

leader elections: https://github.com/mcavage/node-leader

viewer/browser for stored data: https://github.com/killme2008/node-zk-browser

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