Command line tool for unit testing under zombie.js

npm install zombiewalk
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Command line tool that tests your code under zombie.js.


sudo npm install -g zombiewalk


Qunit test:

zombiewalk --url path_to_test.html


You can change command output by specifying reporter.

zombiewalk --reporter reporter_name_or_path

List of all buld-in reporters:

zombiewalk --list

Currently there are 2 build-in reporters:

  • default: Output inspired by qunit
  • minimal: Prints OK if tests passed and FAILED otherwise

You can always provide a custom reporter. If you want to create your own reporter examine lib/reporter/minimal.js to see what methods you need to implement.


List of all build-in controllers:

zombiewalk --list

In version 0.1.0 there is only one controller: qunit. It enables you to run qunit tests under zombie.js without any source modyfications.

More controllers comming soon.


Under construction.

Tests Build Status

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