A mysql binlog listener running on Node.js

npm install zongji
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A MySQL binlog listener running on Node.js.

ZongJi (踪迹) is pronounced as zōng jì in Chinese.

Work In Progress

Not all the data types in Mysql are supported, I will keep working on that.


Since v0.2.0, The native part(which is written in C++) has been dropped. It is now a pure JS implementation based on node-mysql, or you can say it is a patch on node-mysql.


  • Node.js v0.10+
  • enable MySQL binlog in my.cnf, here is a sample config, remember to restart MySQL server after making the changes.

    Notice that binlog checksum is disabled, ZongJi doesn't support it right now. It's a new feature from MySQL 5.6.

    # binlog config
    server-id = 1
    log_bin = /usr/local/var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
    binlog_do_db = employees
    expire_logs_days = 10
    max_binlog_size  = 100M
    #Very important if you want to receive write, update and delete row events
    binlog_format    = row
    # only do it in mysql 5.6
    binlog_checksum  = none


I learnt many things from following resources while making ZongJi.



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