Zopflipng wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux

npm install zopflipng-bin
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zopflipng (part of zopfli) Node.js wrapper that optimize PNG images.

Zopfli Compression Algorithm is a new zlib (gzip, deflate) compatible compressor. This compressor takes more time (~100x slower), but compresses around 5% better than zlib and better than any other zlib-compatible compressor we have found.

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$ npm install -g zopflipng-bin

Usage with Node.js

var execFile = require('child_process').execFile;
var zopflipngPath = require('zopflipng-bin').path;

execFile(zopflipngPath, ['-m', '--lossy_8bit', 'dest.png'], function() {
  console.log('Image minified');


This is MIT. zopfli is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.

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