Packages by 2do2go

  • appmaker helper script for creating production build of web application (compile less to css, etc)
  • co-nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol using generators
  • connect-to-mongo Mongo session store for Connect
  • deep-conf node.js configuration libruary
  • dummy-static-middleware Dummy static middleware for expressjs
  • east-sqlite sqlite adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)
  • iframe-file-upload-middleware Ajax file uploading iframe fallback for expressjs
  • json-sql node.js json to sql queries mapper
  • mongodbext Extension for node-mongodb-native that allows to add hooks on write operations, such as create, update, remove
  • nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol
  • requirejs-common-wrap-middleware requirejs common wrap middleware
  • slovoform Library for plural and gender word forms for Russian language
  • twostep Simple control-flow library for node.js that makes parallel execution, serial execution and error handling painless.
  • upload-hash-name-middleware upload to hash rename expressjs middleware
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