Packages by 75lb

  • stream-editor A node implementation of sed.
  • console-dope adds colouring and cursor control features to the console
  • nature Classify the things in your world and how they interact.
  • browse Terminal commands to launch your preferred browser in full-screen mode
  • veelo Optimise your video library
  • boxrec view data from Boxrec.com
  • stream-monitor Watch dem pipelines flow! Or not, as the case may be..
  • contact private, one-to-one or many-to-many command line chat
  • wodge a wodge of functional dough
  • wardrobe ... full of dope styles
  • contact-server a WIP server
  • league English Premier League table model
  • more-fs a few more Filesystem functions
  • notification-dope Notifications, wherever you are
  • grunt-yuidoc2md A yuidoc-to-markdown generator.
  • boil-js Boilerplate files, packages, apps, websites etc.
  • local-web-server Launch a lightweight static web server. Zero configuration.
  • work Got a thousand jobs to do? Get an execution plan!
  • linguist Translate strings or JSON from Node.js or the command line
  • renamer Batch rename files and folders
  • and 4 more
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