Packages by Registered

  • easyrepl Create a scoped REPL instance on a randomish port
  • fnord-client Nodejs module to post events to the fnordmetrics server
  • func-serializer Simple job serializer
  • live-stats Layer on top of statsd-node client to allow for shared business rules metrics.
  • medusa A Redis transport and Log server for winston
  • node-animal Simple animal generator
  • node-debug-hack Wrap function creation during debug to force a diffrent port.
  • node-guid Simple guid generator
  • node-networkip Simple module to get IP of the platform
  • node-poster Ported over from the following:
  • pack-exporter Packer is used to traverse the require dependencies and export the files as a package
  • redis_hash redis hash wrapper
  • statsd-node statsd node client
  • statsd-node-agent Statsd node agent. Helper to send regular updates for gauges to a statsd server
  • thinserv Thin http server on top of redis
  • version-git Simple version generator based on local git hash
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