Packages by a_robson

  • anvil.compass Compass plugin for anvil.js
  • basejump Built to convert 128 bit buffers to base 62 strings. Supports base 36 and buffers of arbitrary size.
  • anvil.task.cli An anvil core extension that exposes tasks to the command line
  • sliver 128-bit, k-ordered (lexicographically sortable), base 62, coordination free id generation for Node
  • anvil.cssmin Cssmin extension for anvil.js
  • anvil.token A core anvil extension that provides token replacement in source files
  • hubot-zmq-adapter A Hubot adapter for ZeroMQ
  • anvil.workset A core anvil extension that manages the working set of files in a build
  • anvil.transform A core anvil extension that supports 'transpilers'
  • anvil.plugin An anvil core plugin that provides command-line plugin support
  • anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js
  • anvil.identify A core anvil extension that identifies files for the build
  • anvil.coffee CoffeeScript compiler extension for anvil.js
  • anvil.combiner An anvil core extension that combines files via import statements
  • hubot-amqp A Hubot adapter for AMQP
  • anvil.plato Plato analysis tool for anvil
  • anvil.headers A core anvil component that writes headers to output files
  • processhost a ridiculously simple process host
  • anvil.scaffolding A set of scaffolds for extending anvil
  • anvil.bower Bower support for anvil
  • and 19 more
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