Packages by aarono

  • bugs A unified interface to common debuggers (gdb, jdb, pdb, ...)
  • emachine Simple evented state machine
  • etcd-dump A tool for dumping and restoring etcd
  • gitbook Library and cmd utility to generate GitBooks
  • iterm-colors Converts iTerm2's color schemes (plist files) to a JSON array useable in term.js and others
  • loadfire A clean and simple load balancer
  • lxc.js A simple LXC wrapper for OpenDyno
  • marked-text-renderer Renderer for marked outputting plain text that can easily be fed to a search indexer
  • procfile-parser A simple Procfile parser written for OpenDyno
  • qpatch Module for patching JS Classes using callbacks to use Q promises
  • qplus Common & useful patterns with promises (Q)
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