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  • bodydouble A kind of mock library that returns mock that conform to the interface of the mocked object.
  • simulate Small footprint Javascript library for simulating DOM events.
  • saucelauncher A command line launcher for browsers in SauceLabs.
  • set-styles Batch-set CSS properties on an element.
  • tuttiserver The Tutti Server.
  • globwatch A glob-capable file watcher.
  • psrv-sass psrv plugin to auto-compile sass and return css.
  • browseroverflow An all-in-one library for launching BrowserStack browsers.
  • tutti Tutti - a fun way to browser test. Includes both a terminal application(CLI), and a driver library.
  • testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.
  • reactive-backbone Reactive model adapter for Backbone models.
  • did_it_work A simple process launcher that determines whether the process succeeded or failed.
  • ispy A simple spy.
  • picklejs JSON-based Javascript serializer.
  • add-a-typo A program that adds a typo to a file.
  • filesum Calculate file size for Javascript files.
  • trailing_comma_remover Removes trailing commas in your JavaScript.
  • psrv-static psrv plugin to serve static files.
  • checkvars Check your Javascripts for accidental globals and unused variables.
  • watchem A smart directory watcher cli utility.
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