Packages by ajlopez

  • eternity Eternity II-like puzzle, board, pieces, and solver
  • simplestore Simple Key Value Store in memory, a la Redis. Work in Progress.
  • simplego Go game and evaluation
  • annalisa Annalisa simple analyzer of strings using defined rules
  • simplefunc Simple object with functions encode/decode, serialization/deserialization
  • ajtalkjs-core Core classes for AjTalkJs
  • simplebeams Simple beams (lightweight message streams for Node.js)
  • simplepermissions Permissions by Subject, Role, and Context. Model in-memory
  • simplerules Rule engine, using Rete-like algorithm, compiling to JavaScript
  • simpledatabase Simple Database implemented in JavaScript, Node.js, in-memory and file persistence, WIP
  • simpleremote Simple Remote Objects for Node.js
  • simpleprolog SimpleProlog interpreter in JavaScript
  • pagejs PHP compiler to JavaScript
  • simpleglobals Simple Globals implementation, inspired by Mumps Globals
  • ajgenesisnode-entity AjGenesis for Node, Entity tasks and templates
  • simplemongo MongoDb-like document database, in memory implementation using JavaScript/NodeJs
  • complexo Simple complex numbers arithmetic operations
  • simplekeeper Zookeeper-like distributed server, WIP
  • simplejsonhtml SimpleJsonHtml generates HTML from a JSON template and a JSON model
  • cellular Simple Cellular Automata processing in Javascript for browser and Node.js
  • and 84 more
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