Packages by akoenig

  • cinnamon A continuous integration server on top of substacks cicada.
  • gulp-svg2png A gulp plugin for converting SVGs to PNGs.
  • npmawesome-bot The bot which tweets #npmawesome posts.
  • gulp-spellcheck A gulp plugin for spell-checking with GNU Aspell.
  • express-slicer An Express middleware that provides the functionality for partial JSON responses based on the query string.
  • lingua An i18n middleware for the Express.js framework.
  • ifon Observes your internet connection and executes configured apps if you're online or offline.
  • imacss An application and library that transforms image files to data URIs and embeds these into a single CSS file.
  • bunchitos Loads a bunch of Node.js modules by a given prefix.
  • jutebag A command line interface for Pocket a.k.a. getpocket.com a.k.a. Read It Later
  • website A set of tools for extracting information out of a website.
  • gulp-autocompletion-zsh Autocompletion for your gulp.js tasks in the Z-Shell (zsh)
  • gulp-image2cssref A gulp plugin that takes a bunch of image files and creates a CSS file in which these are referenced as background-images.
  • gulp-imacss A gulp plugin for using imacss (the image to datauri to CSS transformer).
  • fuchur Fuchur analyzes the status of git repositories with ease.
  • laessig A little tool which provides helpers for your day-to-day work with the css preprocessor LESS (http://lesscss.org/).
  • ninit A community-driven Node.js module bootstrapper.
  • deflector A lightweight HTTP router that provides an API that is similar to Express.
  • phaz Verifies that all your package.json files contain expected attributes.
  • solar A lightweight key-value store for node.js
  • and 1 more
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