Packages by alessioalex

  • bubble-stream-error Bubble errors from an array of streams to a master/top stream
  • Cls Simple class abstraction in JavaScript
  • custom-err Easily create an error with custom properties attached.
  • dynroute Dynamic DNS for your domain using Amazon Route53
  • level-remove-notfound levelUp.get won't callback with notFoundError anymore, instead (null, null)
  • limit-spawn Kills a child process created with spawn after X bytes are sent
  • logit Log everything, everywhere
  • nice-error
  • npm-dep-chain Get all the NPM dependencies for a module / set of modules (goes down the stack, for all the subdependencies etc)
  • npm-pkginfo Lightweight version of npm-registry-client#get with configurable cache stores.
  • npm-republicate Replicate an NPM module (along with its deps) from registry A to registry B (by publishing it && its deps).
  • pkg-builder A build service for modules that actually works
  • response-spy Intercepts HTTP response headers && body (without any man-in-the-middle http proxy server)
  • shebang Extract normalized shebang command token
  • spawn-to-readstream Converts spawn to a ReadStream, buffers the error and emits it
  • trace-current Get the stacktrace for the current position.
  • treeit Convert your JSON object to HTML without having to modify it in some way.
  • try-json-parse Doesn't throw an error when JSON.parse() fails, just returns null
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