Packages by alexgorbatchev

  • opts-parser A very simple options string parser similiar to CSS.
  • syntaxhighlighter SyntaxHighlighter is THE client side highlighter for the web and apps! It's been around since 2004 and it's used virtually everywhere to seamlessly highlight code for presentation.
  • coffee-errors Patches error stack to display correct line numbers. CoffeeScript has built in support for this, but it only works when the script is executed through the `coffee` command. If you are running mocha, node-dev, jasmine or any other method, the functionality isn't on.
  • syntaxhighlighter-html-renderer HTML renderer module for SyntaxHighlighter.
  • grunt-mongo-migrations A helper grunt task to manage Mongoose MongoDB database migrations.
  • coffee-compiler A handy CoffeeScript compiler from a series of compilers that have the same signature.
  • emiflake A utility library for creating a service that generates unique IDs at scale. Think of it as containing the common logic of Twitter's Snowflake and Boundary's Flake.
  • syntaxhighlighter-parser Parser module for SyntaxHighlighter
  • karma-chai Chai for Karma
  • stylus-compiler A handy Stylus compiler from a series of compilers that have the same signature.
  • npm-diff Diff two versions of a node module
  • retabber Replaces all tab characters with in a smart way, spaces similiar to what your regular IDE does.
  • amqp-eventemitter EventEmitter over AMQP
  • browser-builtins Builtins that were extracted from node-browser-resolve on which browserify depends
  • bubble-boy Modifies JavaScript code to sandbox all global variable declarations and references.
  • query-filter Removes all matching GET parameters from URL using regular expressions.
  • syntaxhighlighter-brush Brush module for SyntaxHighlighter.
  • sweatshop Very basic factories helper to generate plain objects and scenarios for tests.
  • generator-coffee-generator CoffeeScript Generator generator for Yeoman
  • karma-browserify Browserify for Karma
  • and 10 more
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