Packages by amccollum

  • widget Basic DOM widget library for Ender
  • ajaj Basic JSON-based AJAX helper
  • es5-basic A basic set of ECMAScript 5 shim methods for older browsers
  • line Control flow like a boss
  • soma A hybrid client/server web framework
  • ender-json Light-weight, language independent, data interchange format
  • route Simple routing library
  • ender-remove Monkey-patch bonzo to trigger a remove event when elements are removed from the DOM
  • node-compat Node.js compatibility layer for the browser
  • gel A hybrid client/server web framework
  • ender Open Module JavaScript Framework
  • ender-package Package handling for the Ender CLI
  • ender-installer Package installer component of the Ender CLI
  • ender-dependency-graph Dependency graph construction and processing for the Ender CLI
  • timeout Simple replacement for setTimeout, setInterval, and polling loops
  • hashchange Cross-browser hashchange event shim
  • ender-js no-library library
  • ender-commonjs commonjs module support for ender
  • ender-repository Repository (npm) manager for the Ender CLI
  • upload Asynchronous file uploading using HTML5 file uploading or background iframes
  • and 10 more
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