Packages by andreasmadsen

  • wordmatch Counts the number of unordered word matches in two strings
  • steer-evalute Evaluate a script in google chrome
  • rfc-csv RFC 4180 CSV stream parser
  • stack-chain API for combining call site modifiers
  • drugged extendable HTTP router with domain integration
  • steer-loaded Heuristic for detecting when a page is loaded in google chrome
  • modulebox node.js like module environment in the browser
  • isme Check that ip match this computer
  • slicepoint Slice a stream
  • equilibrium static file write stream with automatic truncate and query
  • feedfinder Transform stream there extracts feed links from a HTML page
  • localizer Localized and configureable async and sync `requre.resolve()` implementation.
  • mathfn Some basic but difficult to implement mathmatical functions
  • interpreted node-tap wrapper for testing input/output functionality
  • blow Simple browser wrapper on test framework: mocha
  • summary Takes an array of numbers and calculates some descriptive statistics
  • typepoint Typecast properties in object streams
  • htmlparser-benchmark Simple benchmark for htmlparser2 using real-life data
  • ttest Perform the Student's t hypothesis test
  • binarypoint Write and read seperated binary messages
  • and 53 more
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