Packages by andreasmadsen

  • rfc-csv RFC 4180 CSV stream parser
  • near Like indexOf but looks at surrounding items
  • typepoint Typecast properties in object streams
  • flower Collection of stream classes and functions
  • steer-reset Reset the state in google chrome
  • tcpnet Creates TCP connections between nodes without configuration
  • cluster-vhost virtual host setup made easy
  • newlinepoint Normalize or convert newlines
  • startpoint Converts a single buffer or array of objects intro a stream
  • drainage Simple pausable id based queue system with shortage notification
  • daily-protocol daily - The protocol encoder and decoder for network communcation
  • piccolo Isomorphic projection framework
  • quotes A continues stream of qoutes for each day.
  • safedir Find directory files, and return an array
  • equilibrium static file write stream with automatic truncate and query
  • worddiff Counts the number of unordered word diffrences in two strings
  • domstream-client domstream API on the client
  • mappoint When you simply need to map a stream
  • cahier Static file conversion, writing and reading
  • fusspos Fussy string search giving some estimate of a substring position
  • and 53 more
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