Packages by andreasmadsen

  • htmlparser-benchmark Simple benchmark for htmlparser2 using real-life data
  • execspawn spawn stream for child_process.exec
  • mockney Mock TCP connection by redirecting them
  • domstream HTML manipulation with progressiv output stream
  • tcpnet Creates TCP connections between nodes without configuration
  • configme Simplest possible configuration tool. without conflict - with defaulting!
  • drapper Very minimal but opinionated director wrapper
  • immortal Daemon tool made in pure javascript
  • newlinepoint Normalize or convert newlines
  • isme Check that ip match this computer
  • daily-storage daily - The LevelDB storage abstaction
  • emitterpoint Wraps a duplex object stream and returns an event emitter
  • stack-chain API for combining call site modifiers
  • fsquery Query async fs module calls
  • dgram-emitter Very simple EventEmitter on top of a UDP server/client
  • browser-builtins Builtins that were extracted from node-browser-resolve on which browserify depends
  • mathfn Some basic but difficult to implement mathmatical functions
  • domstream-client domstream API on the client
  • interpreted node-tap wrapper for testing input/output functionality
  • steer-screenshot Take a screenshot of a google chrome window
  • and 53 more
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