Packages by aredridel

  • gyp A gyp file reader / processor
  • domwalker A helper utility to iterate over the DOM:w
  • gyp-merge Functions to merge data structures from gyp files
  • nearley-stream Simple Earley parsing for JS
  • html5-parser-tests
  • qop Simple devops
  • gyp-expansions Applies string and list expansions to GYP data structures
  • xmpp-muc XMPP MUC handler
  • dsn A DSN parser
  • json-ometajs A JSON parser using OmetaJS
  • mailbox Library for parsing and writing various mailbox formats
  • html5-entities A table mapping HTML5 entity patterns to unicode code points
  • bosh A simple BOSH middleware
  • ircd IRC daemon and server library
  • bwjs What would Javascript look like in a better world?
  • js-git-as-fs A fs-module alike interface to a jsgit repo
  • tap_ A Test-Anything-Protocol library (Temporary copy with fixed setImmediate)
  • piperly A javascript meta-language with first-class pipes
  • cgi-env Convert Node HTTP requests into CGI environments
  • jsonic-ometajs Parse a JSON dialect with comments
  • and 11 more

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