Packages by arikon

  • jsdoc-bem Plugin for for documenting bem enteties
  • reqf Custom require function creator
  • q-wrap Utility library to wrap async functions with last callback argument to promise returning functions
  • borschik Extendable builder for text-based file formats
  • npm2debian Utility to convert npm packages to Debian packages
  • bower-npm-install [![Build Status](]( [![NPM version](]( [![Depend
  • bem-bench Инструмент позволяет выполнять регрессионное тестирование производительности `BEMHTML` и `BH` шаблонов, сравнивая скорость выполнения шаблонов между указанными ревизиями проекта и текущей рабочей копией.
  • bem-version Version helper link `npm version` as a bem-tools command extension. Works with package.json and bower.json files.
  • mocha-istanbul Istanbul code coverage reporter for Mocha
  • bemc BEM templates compiler
  • bem-environ bem-environ ===========
  • bem BEM Tools
  • tnt Task-Node-Target
  • ometa-highlighter Code highlighter based on Ometa/JS (little inspired by Pygments)
  • coa Command-Option-Argument: Yet another parser for command line options.
  • borschik-tech-istanbul borschik tech that instruments included files using istanbul code coverage tool
  • q-fs Q Promise wrappers for Node's file system.
  • bem-techs-core Core bem tech modules
  • apw APW (Arch-Plans-Workers) [![Build Status](]( ========================
  • bem-sets bem make extensions to build examples, tests and docs for sets of levels
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