Packages by arobson

  • autohost Resource-driven http server
  • autohost-riak-auth Riak backed auth provider for autohost
  • basejump Built to convert 128 bit buffers to base 62 strings. Supports base 36 and buffers of arbitrary size.
  • cluster-metrics A very simple way to centralize metrics collected in a node cluster
  • configya Config files that defer to env settings. Weeeeeee.
  • processhost a ridiculously simple process host
  • rabbitbroker A broker abstraction for RabbitMQ
  • riaktive A very opinionated riak lib for Node things
  • sliver 128-bit, k-ordered (lexicographically sortable), base 62, coordination free id generation for Node
  • strapping Auto-updating bootstrapper for node applications
  • strapping-host An autohost based service for hosting strapping applications
  • teamcity-artifact-util Simple CLI to simplify working w/ artifacts in TC
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