Packages by automatonic

  • cadfael A monastic javascript build/test tool based on asynchronous promises
  • cadfael-cli The CLI global run script for cadfael
  • enscript Use a JSON schema in node.js to manage Sqlite3 create/upgrade scripts
  • grunt-hogan a grunt task to compile/precompile hogan templates
  • handlebard Static site generation with no holds barred (node.js+hogan+markdown+aws)
  • hogan-as-promised A wrapper for hogan.js that makes its features available as javascript promises
  • jshint-as-promised A wrapper for jshint that provides asynchronous promises
  • linksoup a javascript library that parses and exposes links found in string data
  • sqlite3-as-promised Wrap node-sqlite3's async methods with the 'q' style promises in node.js
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