Packages by azer

  • styled the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing
  • medium-author Get a Medium author with list of articles
  • rdio-js-api CommonJS Compliant Rdio JavaScript API
  • run-serially Run given commands as child processes serially
  • property Library for creating functional properties
  • read-json Reads and parses a JSON file.
  • require-sdk JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed. Designed for popular APIs like Youtube, Rdio, Soundcloud etc.
  • mix-objects Mix specified objects
  • watch-array Watch any changes on arrays
  • failing-line Return the line number and filename of failing line from given error object
  • alert Play Sound Alerts
  • circle Minimalistic JSON API Server
  • failing-code Returns failing code for given error
  • iter Serial & Parallel Iteration
  • first-val Execute given async functions in given order until a value is produced
  • join-params Partial function application with parameter formatting
  • media HTML5 Media Player
  • comp Async Function Composition
  • virtualbox A library to interact with VirtualBox.
  • domflow Tiny Reactive DOM Programming Library
  • and 157 more
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