Packages by azulus

  • oid Utilities for object identity and hashing
  • kew a lightweight promise library for node
  • luge Lightweight class-based events
  • shepherd asynchronous dependency injection for node.js
  • stormrider storm client
  • cumberbatch crazy watcher stuff
  • populator populate javascript objects asynchronously
  • daemonsauce Just add Daemon Sauce to turn your app into a daemon.
  • gyro Graph system which attempts to self balance
  • pipette Stream and pipe utilities for Node
  • obviously lightweight type reflection for node.js
  • ursa RSA public/private key crypto
  • bidar Binary Data Representation (serialization format)
  • leb LEB128 utilities for Node
  • variants Framework for declaring dynamic flags based on pluggable conditions.
  • asyncBuilder handle async dependency loading
  • grunt-renaming-wrap A Grunt plugin for wrapping project text files
  • zcache AWS zone-aware multi-layer cache
  • aws-locate Locate the region and/or availability zone for a node process running on EC2
  • grunt-closure-compiler-modules A Grunt task for Closure Compiler.
  • and 7 more
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