Packages by bahmutov

  • status-gravatar Sets my Gravatar profile image depending on the status of my projects
  • proud-badge Badge generation for NPM downloads by author
  • pre-git Automatically install pre-commit / pre-git hooks for your npm modules.
  • prefix-dictionary Checking words by prefix tree
  • autostrip-json-comments Installs nodejs require hook to strip JSON comments
  • grunt-clean-console Quick JavaScript error sanity check for deployed pages
  • connect-slow Middleware to delay answering requests based on request url, useful to diagnose website behavior based on load delays
  • next-update-stats Collects anonymous nodejs module version upgrade statistics
  • iframeable Checks is website is safe against iframing and clickjacking attack
  • behind-times Recursive number of updates per project
  • grunt-jshint-solid Analyzes your .jshintrc settings file to see how strict they are
  • boggle-connect Boggle web page
  • slides-now-core HTML slide presentation based on Markdown
  • npm-utils Async NPM shell commands
  • npm-install recursive installation of npm packages
  • deps-ok Fast checking of top level dependencies based on version numbers
  • dotdot Replaced with to shorten common JS syntax under node
  • proud Collects NPM download stats for a developer
  • gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions
  • dirty-water Measures JavaScript "dirt" in HTML / EJS / AngularJs template files
  • and 58 more
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