Packages by bahmutov

  • behind-times Recursive number of updates per project
  • grunt-jshint-solid Analyzes your .jshintrc settings file to see how strict they are
  • prefix-dictionary Checking words by prefix tree
  • qunit-inject QUnit plugin for dependency injection into unit tests
  • jsc Javascript complexity tool
  • stop-angular-overrides Stop silent angular module / controller / filter overrides
  • iframeable Checks is website is safe against iframing and clickjacking attack
  • clean-console Quickly loads remote url in phantomjs to check of JavaScript console errors
  • koa-slow Delaying responses for resources by URL RegExp, for Koa server
  • color-pusher Dynamic color swatch manipulation for changing multiple elements CSS
  • next-update-example Example module for testing next-update
  • camel_case ESLint rule for enforcing camelCame names but allowing _ in property names
  • aged Small utility returning grunt file filter by last modified age
  • lcov-filter Removes records for files matching given regexp from LCOV file or stream
  • find-testers Finds testers in given country with matching devices
  • boggle Boggle grid solver
  • bare-objects Shorthand notation for Object.create(null) via node module hook
  • ggit Local git command wrappers
  • proud Collects NPM download stats for a developer
  • slides-now-node Stand alone presentation from local .md file using slides-now engine
  • and 60 more
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