Packages by bendrucker

  • bookshelf-authorization An authorization library for use with Bookshelf.js
  • consumr A lightweight model layer for building object-oriented API wrappers
  • consumr-rest Consumr plugin for building REST API wrappers
  • eavesdrop Listen in on EventEmitters
  • emit-then EventEmitter.emit that wraps event calls in a promise
  • hapi-bookshelf Hapi plugin for working with Bookshelf promises
  • hapi-promise A hapi plugin that allows you to return promises in your request handlers
  • inject-then Promise wrapper for Hapi's server.inject
  • primus-reply Primus plugin for socket messages that expect replies
  • request2 Consistent promise and event-driven API for performing HTTP/JSON requests
  • sinon-as-promised Sugar methods for using sinon.js stubs with promises
  • slidepay A Node.js interface for the SlidePay REST API
  • stream-to-promise Convert readable streams to promises
  • ziptastic A small wrapper around the Ziptastic ZIP lookup service
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