Packages by bevacqua

  • campaign Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out.
  • virtual-host Virtual server host alternative to connect.vhost
  • gulp-jsfuck Fuck JavaScript and obfuscate it using only 6 characters ()+[]!
  • rehearsal Persist standard input to a file, then simulate real-time program execution.
  • buildfirst ![buildfirst.png][1]
  • contra Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it
  • process-finder Find processes using a simple API
  • usemin-patterns Ready-to-use patterns for applying `grunt-usemin` on Jade and other templating languages
  • grunt-wordcount _This repository is part of the **JavaScript Application Design: A Build First Approach** book's code samples_, the full original for the code samples [can be found here][1]. You can [learn more about the book itself here][2].
  • node-sigint Normalize sigint signals on windows platforms
  • grunt-grunt Grunt task to run tasks on other Gruntfiles
  • ponyfoo-install Infrastructure installer for Pony Foo platform
  • paqui Dead simple, packager-agnostic client-side package manager for component developers
  • ponyfoo-slug Slug utility library used to manipulate Pony Foo uris
  • ponyfoo-log Preconfigured multi-transport logging
  • emoji-random Creates a random emoji string. This is as useless as it gets.
  • spawn-machine Spawn processes with the friendly API found in .exec!
  • grunt-commit-emoji Commit through Grunt to add random emoji to your messages
  • hose Redirect any domain to localhost for convenience or productivity!
  • ponyfoo-www Pony Foo Platform home
  • and 33 more
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