Packages by bevacqua

  • process-finder Find processes using a simple API
  • ponyfoo-slug Slug utility library used to manipulate Pony Foo uris
  • grunt-mocha-webdriver-painful Grunt task to run Mocha tests against a Selenium grid or local Selenium instance
  • ponyfoo-blog Bloging platform underlying Pony Foo
  • grunt-assetify-example Example given on how to plug grunt-assetify into your web application
  • grunt-testling Grunt task to run tests using the Testling API.
  • ponyfoo-log Preconfigured multi-transport logging
  • campaign Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out.
  • paqui-dummy An awesome package written by Nicolas Bevacqua
  • grunt-commit-emoji Commit through Grunt to add random emoji to your messages
  • dictatorship Prevents EADDRINUSE by killing processes listening on your favorite port
  • grunt-ec2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances
  • gstat Prints image stats in a prettily formatted table
  • jsn JavaScript Node server-side variable parser
  • grunt-integration Run Integration Tests using Selenium, Mocha, a Server, and a Browser
  • grunt-assetify Compile your assetify static assets before even launching your application!
  • space-machine Split a string by spaces. Use .spawn like an .exec!
  • rehearsal Persist standard input to a file, then simulate real-time program execution.
  • contra Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it
  • emoji-random Creates a random emoji string. This is as useless as it gets.
  • and 33 more
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