Packages by bevacqua

  • ponyfoo-web Miniature `express` opinion-set
  • ponyfoo-api-services Services backing the Pony Foo API
  • grunt-wordcount _This repository is part of the **JavaScript Application Design: A Build First Approach** book's code samples_, the full original for the code samples [can be found here][1]. You can [learn more about the book itself here][2].
  • grunt-ngdoc grunt plugin for angularjs documentation
  • ultramarked Marked with built-in syntax highlighting and input sanitizing that doesn't encode all HTML
  • grunt-assetify Compile your assetify static assets before even launching your application!
  • node-assetify Node client-side asset manager tool. Please refer to, instead.
  • gitcanvas Use your GitHub account's commit history as a canvas. Express the artist in you!
  • selenium-standalone-painful installs a `start-selenium` command line to start a standalone selenium server with chrome-driver
  • grunt-testling Grunt task to run tests using the Testling API.
  • faux-knox-2 Mock requests to knox module using file system
  • ponyfoo-www Pony Foo Platform home
  • rehearsal Persist standard input to a file, then simulate real-time program execution.
  • assetify Node client-side asset manager tool
  • grunt-mocha-webdriver-painful Grunt task to run Mocha tests against a Selenium grid or local Selenium instance
  • spawn-machine Spawn processes with the friendly API found in .exec!
  • usemin-patterns Ready-to-use patterns for applying `grunt-usemin` on Jade and other templating languages
  • ponyfoo-install Infrastructure installer for Pony Foo platform
  • contra Asynchronous flow control with a functional taste to it
  • reqwestify Drop-in reqwest alias for request for the browser
  • and 33 more
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