Packages by bigeasy

  • ec2 Amazon AWS minified.
  • puppy
  • skip Iterate an MVCC b-tree skipping defunct versions of the records.
  • subordinate Determine if one object contains another object.
  • reiterate Construct JSON object trees recursively, asynchronously to join data from multiple data sources.
  • indexeddb A pure-JavaScript implementation of IndexedDB that is durable and scalable.
  • empathy A pure-JavaScript replicated state machine.
  • arguable Usage-first argument parser.
  • pastiche Asynchronous templating for CoffeeScript.
  • hash.murmur3.32 A pure-JavaScript 32-bit Murmur3 hash that implements the `crypto.Hash` and `stream.Transform` interfaces.
  • relatable A lightweight JSON to relational mapping library that loves SQL and the relational data model.
  • switch Zero dependency routing for the browser and Node.js.
  • splice Merge an ordered collection of records into a Strata b-tree.
  • mvcc Multi-version concurrency control utilities for a Strata b-tree.
  • locket A pure-JavaScript LevelDB implementation backed by a durable and persistent evented I/O b-tree for use with LevelUP.
  • locate A URL to object map for minimalist routing.
  • connect-npm Serve modules directly from your Node.js require path to the browser.
  • moxie An open source, self-hosted crowd-funding framework.
  • paxos A Multi-Paxos implementation in pure JavaScript.
  • sequester A read/write lock for evented operations
  • and 44 more
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