Packages by bigeasy

  • edify Documentation generator for GitHub:Pages.
  • empathy A pure-JavaScript replicated state machine.
  • splice Merge an ordered collection of records into a Strata b-tree.
  • avenue File system dervied routes for Node.js and the browser.
  • hash.block An abstract hash stream class that feeds hash algorithm blocks of bytes.
  • connect-npm Serve modules directly from your Node.js require path to the browser.
  • advance In-memory forward iterator for use with the Strata b-tree MVCC tool collection.
  • revise Utilities for adding MVCC version numbers to Strata b-tree keys.
  • timezone Small, elegant, Olson educated, timezone aware date math and `strftime` date formatting in pure JavaScript with no dependendcies for Node.js and the browser. Timezone uses the Olson/IANA timezone database. Timezone is aware of every clock transition in th
  • hash.murmur3.32 A pure-JavaScript 32-bit Murmur3 hash that implements the `crypto.Hash` and `stream.Transform` interfaces.
  • twiddle Rewrite a record or key returned from an MVCC iterator.
  • rescue Catch and propagate errors in user provided callback.
  • An abstract hash stream class that implements `crypto.Hash`
  • memento MVCC database for Node.js.
  • puppy
  • udt A pure JavaScript implementation of UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol.
  • programmatic Catenate multi-line strings preserving indentation.
  • arguable Usage-first argument parser.
  • linotype A template driven asynchronous CMS for Node.js
  • b-tree Evented I/O B-tree in pure JavaScript for Node.js.
  • and 44 more
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