Packages by bigeasy

  • reiterate Construct JSON object trees recursively, asynchronously to join data from multiple data sources.
  • proof A UNIX way test non-framework for the meticulous programmer who is also very lazy.
  • b-tree Evented I/O B-tree in pure JavaScript for Node.js.
  • magazine A collective least-recently used cache.
  • xmldom A W3C Standard XML DOM(Level2 CORE) implementation and parser(DOMParser/XMLSerializer).
  • arguable Usage-first argument parser.
  • delta Zero dependency routing for the browser and Node.js.
  • stencil Asynchronous HTML5 and XML templates for Node.js and the browser.
  • twiddle Rewrite a record or key returned from an MVCC iterator.
  • puppy
  • skip Iterate an MVCC b-tree skipping defunct versions of the records.
  • correlate Create a compartor strategy based on LevelUP API iterator parameters.
  • designate Iterate a collection of MVCC b-tree cursors choosing the most recent version of a record from each tree.
  • locate A URL to object map for minimalist routing.
  • prospect A Promises/A wrapper for Cadence functions.
  • encode Utilities for encoding and decoding records for database storage.
  • pastiche Asynchronous templating for CoffeeScript.
  • revise Utilities for adding MVCC version numbers to Strata b-tree keys.
  • happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.
  • linotype A template driven asynchronous CMS for Node.js
  • and 44 more
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