Packages by biggora

  • 2co Module that will provide nodejs adapters for 2checkout API payment gateway
  • caminte ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, rethinkdb, postgres, sqlite, tingodb
  • caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM
  • connect-caminte CrossDB session store for Connect and ExpressJS
  • express-mongodb MongoDB session store for ExpressJS
  • express-uploader File uploads with NodeJS
  • express-useragent ExpressJS/Connect/TrinteJS user-agent middleware exposing
  • trinte TrinteJS - MVC framework for NodeJS
  • trinte-auth Auth module for TrinteJS Javascript MVC Framework
  • trinte-creator TrinteJS script creator
  • trinte-ejs Templates module for TrinteJS Javascript MVC Framework.
  • trinte-themes Twitter Bootstrap Themes for TrinteJS Javascript MVC Framework

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