Packages by binocarlos

  • timestamp-series Get an array of timestamps between 2 points with a configurable resolution
  • digger-html-parser Process front-matter in .html files that loads data for ejs templates to use
  • collaborator-map A redis based data structure that maps users and collaborators onto project names
  • digger command line tools for running digger nodes
  • json-fields JSON.parse and JSON.stringify for certain properties of an object
  • cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules
  • digger-nestedset Abstract supplier for digger that knows left from right
  • pull-unique-combine Like pull-stream's unique through stream but requires a result to be present in all streams
  • twitter-profile Returns a twitter profile object when given some oauth details for a twitter user
  • digger-find The client side find function for digger container trees
  • spawn-args Turn a string of command line options into an array for child_process.spawn
  • etcdx etcd v2 client for node.js
  • group-cascade-stream A cascade stream that groups created streams by a chunk id
  • digger-supplier A database warehouse for
  • digger-mongo Mongo supplier for digger
  • supermodels Create access functions for an object that has an array of models as a property
  • vapour A node.js cloud provisioner
  • turboexpress A quick way to get a node.js express website running
  • diggerdb MongoDB tree database for
  • digger-files File uploader and CSV file importer for digger
  • and 69 more
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