Packages by binocarlos

  • digger-static A static digger supplier that selects the contents of xml, json and csv files in a folder
  • digger-security-guard OAuth manager for digger servers - connects to a digger warehouse for storage
  • pingstat System monitor event emitter
  • diggerpassport Wrapper for multiple passport routes on a diggerexpress app
  • cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules
  • textmail Send emails using mailgun and plain text templates
  • digger-warehouse The server side request handler for digger
  • denver Create layers of ENV variables saved to etcd and deploy docker containers using them
  • digger-supplychain The supply chain wrapper for transport layers
  • component-github-proxy Download and compile components from github dynamically
  • digger-ntp Get the time from digger
  • digger-bridge A client to server bridge for digger requests
  • jquarry A database abstraction layer
  • pigeonhole A hierarchical data store
  • streamworks Run a nested collection of streams in pipe or merge configurations
  • level-index-update A module to save a document into leveldb where the old indexes are removed in the same batch as the new ones are inserted
  • digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries
  • goauth An express middleware that looks after user logins and authentication
  • digger-stack A service map for a digger network
  • timestamp-range An object representing 2 timestamps - i.e. a 'gap' in time
  • and 69 more
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