Packages by binocarlos

  • digger-stack A service map for a digger network
  • ravens node.js contact form handler using ReCaptcha
  • digger-selector The CSS selector parser used for digger
  • timestamp-range An object representing 2 timestamps - i.e. a 'gap' in time
  • digger-warehouse The server side request handler for digger
  • json-fields JSON.parse and JSON.stringify for certain properties of an object
  • digger-utils Utils library shared between the digger digger libraries
  • digger-sockets SockJS connector for digger requests
  • digger-app Bootstrap a digger application from a YAML file
  • diggerpassport Wrapper for multiple passport routes on a diggerexpress app
  • viking Docker PaaS Platform for node.js applications
  • telegraft node.js ZEROMQ mesh network
  • supermodels Create access functions for an object that has an array of models as a property
  • digger-contracts The contract factory for digger server requests
  • rationalnestedset rational nested set tree encoder
  • merge-dirs node module to synchronously and recursively merge files from one folder to another
  • pagemaker merges together markdown with a HTML template
  • digger-static A static digger supplier that selects the contents of xml, json and csv files in a folder
  • component-github-proxy Download and compile components from github dynamically
  • raspivid node.js read stream for h.264 data from the raspberry PI camera module
  • and 64 more
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