Packages by bluejeansandrain

  • wikimd A wiki written in JavaScript for Node.js, using markdown as its markup language, flat-files for storage, with optional git integration.
  • bluejeansandrain.scaffold DOM creation and serialization system.
  • bluejeansandrain.series Execute a series of asynchronous method calls in sequence, optionally passing data from the previous to the next.
  • server-foundation A foundation for building command line server applications.
  • bluejeansandrain.countdown Utility to wrap a function such that it executes it's inner function after n calls.
  • gracefully Gracefully handle Ctrl+C and SIGTERM
  • boiledjs Engine agnostic JavaScript compiler.
  • needy-nodecore Browserify's Node core emulation (node-browser-builtins), modified for client side requiring.
  • meta-inline Pull in source files, inlining them where indicated by comment meta-tags.
  • getargv argv manager
  • cynic A pedantic wrapper around substack's optimist module for Node.js.
  • associate Convert an object to an array, array to an object, or a function with multiple arguments into a function that takes an options map.
  • vast vAST: A (mostly) generic abstract syntax tree generator.
  • proxima An HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) reverse proxy server intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.
  • needy CommonJS modules for the browser, Node.js, or any other JavaScript environment.
  • nauth Simple file based usernames and passwords with password hashing.
  • allocator A resource allocation framework. Take Job in set A, assign to Slot in set B, where all slots are unique combinations of available resources.
  • chanserve Server wrapper for creating psuedo server "channels" based on the request URL path.
  • readme-serve Serve up on localhost:8080
  • fsis A set of utility methods for determining if a path is a specific type of resource without having to call fs.stat and then one of the is* methods on the returned Stat object. See Node.js fs.Stat methods.
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