Packages by bnoguchi

  • racer-fixtures Declarative data fixtures for Racer
  • hooks Adds pre and post hook functionality to your JavaScript methods.
  • array-promise Act on asynchronously loaded arrays via forEach, map, etc without the usual, messy callback interface.
  • hash_ring Consistent hashing C++ Add-on for node.js
  • browser-require Use CommonJS and NPM modules from the browser
  • protocoljs Clojure-style protocols in JavaScript
  • categorizing-stream Writable stream that categorizes incoming data
  • racer-util Utility functions for racer
  • console.color,, etc for better visual console.log debugging
  • Socket.IO middleware for Connect. (Or use Connect middleware from Socket.IO)
  • redis-node A Complete Redis Client for Node.js
  • everyauth Auth solution (password, facebook, & more) for your node.js Connect & Express apps
  • class-js Simple OO Class factory
  • mongoose-auth User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm
  • lineage Data versioning done right
  • racer-db-mongo MongoDB database plugin for Racer
  • tracks ## MIT License Copyright (c) 2012 by Nate Smith and Brian Noguchi
  • racer Realtime model synchronization engine for Node.js
  • progressify-emitter Makes EventEmitters emit progress events towards some goal
  • racer-net Create racer models over a node.js net connection
  • and 6 more
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