Packages by bretcope

  • arguer Normalizes arguments for JavaScript functions with optional arguments and provides optional typing.
  • doku A non-opinionated code documenter.
  • flex-events A powerful, flexible and highly customizable event system for JavaScript. Supports all browsers and Node.js.
  • koa-trail A koa router which supports chained route matching.
  • mayflower A simple SQL Server database migrator using Node.js and ODBC.
  • neo-debug A more configurable debug utility module.
  • neo4j-js A Node.js (pure JavaScript) client library for accessing neo4j databases with batch support.
  • neorm [IN VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT] A Neo4j ORM for Node.js with syntax inspired by Mongoose.
  • odyssey An async logging system in development.
  • ubuntu-build Ubuntu install script which downloads, builds, and installs node.js from source.
  • vagrant-neo4j A simple Vagrant script for setting up a Neo4j VM.
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