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  • jwa JWA implementation (supports all JWS algorithms)
  • filereader-stream Read an HTML5 File object (from e.g. HTML5 drag and drops) as a stream.
  • habitat Small library for managing environment variables
  • hyperproxy Transparently proxy to local ports or sockets with advanced routing.
  • cmdserver client/server command line apps made easy
  • bleach.js A tree-walking HTML sanitizer, modeled after the python `bleach` library.
  • sandwich Iterator generator for getting ordered combinations of items
  • gov Node.js server manager
  • iterator-stream An adapter for making any iterator streaming
  • fileliststream Convert a DOM FileList to a FileListStream. Uses a FileReader to read the data of each file as a stream.
  • jws Implementation of JSON Web Signatures
  • mysql-stream-db Streaming MySQL ORM
  • openbadges-validator openbadges validation tools
  • oort sweet cloud action. don't use this yet
  • hyperproxy-cli A CLI for hyperproxy
  • zlib-browserify Wrapper for zlib.js to allow for browserifyication
  • oneshot Tiny little server for making one request and shutting down. Useful for testing.
  • base64url For encoding to/from base64urls
  • nvm Install and managing different versions of node and installing local versions into repos.
  • openbadges-bakery Tools for baking and debaking openbadge images
  • and 20 more

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