Packages by bumblehead

  • form-urlencoded Encodes `x-www-form-urlencoded` string data
  • simpletime Convert to and from various time formats. Get manipulated time values.
  • simpleconvert-xml Convert to and from xml to javascript object
  • json-locale Unicode Consortium JSON locale files.
  • page-deploy deploy page-object data and pattern files
  • docclick returns document click events to a function
  • screenpop A simple and customizable popup.
  • pathjoin join paths
  • worldtime Convert to and from various worldtime formats. Get manipulated time values.
  • domlt obtain [left, top] from an element
  • objobjwalk walk the object definitions of an object, modify them with a function.
  • curved provides values from a 'curved' set
  • domopacity modify the opacity of an element
  • lsn Add and remove listener events on elements in the document.
  • bttnsys construct click functionality around grouped elements
  • xhrgoform use an xhr object for common http requests in your browser script
  • domchilds methods for most common scenarious involving child elements
  • beast provides a timer'd loop with hooks producing various animated effects
  • elemst handle the state of an element in the document.
  • accumasync accumulate values asynchronously
  • and 25 more
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