Packages by clebert

  • ev3 Node.js for Lego Mindstorms EV3.
  • extended-assert An extended version of Node.js' assert module.
  • grunt-helper A small helper utility for easily configuring your project's Gruntfile.
  • grunt-module A Grunt plugin to release and publish your NPM module.
  • mocha-cov-reporter A code coverage reporter for Mocha/Blanket.js.
  • mtgoxapi A Node.js client for MtGox's HTTP API v2.
  • nio Node.js IO.
  • nmake A tool for generating a universal makefile for Node.js projects.
  • r-pi-gpio A Node.js API for GPIO on Raspberry Pi.
  • r-pi-usonic A Node.js API for the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor on Raspberry Pi.
  • typeutil Typify your JavaScript functions.
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